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We are fruit and vegetable wholesalers, so we mainly sell to professionals.
Restaurants, greengrocers, outdoor markets, supermarkets and many other sectors have trusted us all year round, since 1938.
First and foremost, we favor the taste of the product, its origin and its environmental impact.
Throughout the year, we also sell products from France and Europe (Spain, Italy…) but also from all over the world, especially for exotic fruits (Overseas). 
We respect the seasons of each variety as best as possible, but what matters most to us is the taste and flavors.
For all this information, we advise you to contact the management of the Lille Wholesale market : 
The main documents requested are : 
– K-bis extract from less than 3 months old ; proof of social contribution ; your intra-community number ; an id document ; the card of your vehicle. 
Depending on the type of packaging, purchases are made from the box or the bundle. It is not necessary to buy a complete palette to be a customer with us. There is no maximum limit, we adapt to your needs.
Are you looking for a particular product in a specific quantity ?
Ask us, our sales representatives can help you : contact
It is quite possible to deliver to you. For more details, contact us using the contact form here : ici. You can call us : + 33 (0)3 20 92 31 05 
You can also collect your order from us:
9, rue du M.I.N. / Cases 22 et 23 / 59160 / LOMME
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