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Once upon a time... our story

Cooking is about sharing a common moment, and all the memory of unique flavors and smells.

What guides our work is taste. If you are a greengrocer, a chef or a buyer for a community, the people who will taste the products you have selected will seek to find a little comfort with each bite. 

What we want to share, is the simplicity of what nature offers to us :

A fresh quality product, in quantity. 

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The history of a product begins with her land. 

We select exceptionals fruits and vegetables, thus promoting the know-how of our producers.

Take advantage of our knowledge and our relationships, so that your customers benefit from your expertise.

Transparency of information requires strict controls of all goods received, applying sustainable certifications and environmental labels. 

We are a part of the players in the fruit and vegetable sector, those who participate to protect the customers and consumers, by helping them to make the fairest choices. 

We are FeL Partenariat and BIO certified, and our staff is regularly trained in good hygiene and food safety practices. 

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