Mora Frères



The sale of our products is divided into 5 sectors, each managed by a buyer / seller, 

specialist of his category.

Sectors Buyers / Sellers
Citrus / Figs / Red Fruits

Benjamin Verhas 

Laurent Dumortier

Tomatoes / Peppers / Zucchinis

Alain Beels 

Michel Gayard

Kiwi / Grapes / Apples / Pears Marc Delalleau
Exotic Fruits Karim Grini
Other Vegetables

Benoît Delporte

Marc Ryckeweart


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The sales Team


The sales are in constant contact with the suppliers,  they find you exceptional products which we propose you on the M.I.N. 

They know exactly the products they are advising you and selling you and where it comes from. 

On the spot, by phone or by email, they will know how to inform you and offer you wide and qualitative range. A product is missing ? They will find what you need. 

Nearly 250 references are proposed, from the fruit to the vegetable, through the aromatic herbs. 

The preparation Team


They take car of managing the goods from his arrival on our premises until the expedition home. 

At first, the strict control of the goods is carried out by a rigorous control of the taste and visual quality of the products. 

Before sale, each product is stored in the temperature-controlled refrigerator. 

After the sale, everything is prepared, according to the desired quantities, for a fast expedition home. 

Each step respects the requirement of FeL Partenariat certification, in terms of safety, hygiene and food traceability. 

The administrative Team


The people who manage cash receipts, bookkeeping and packing instructions. 

These are the first people you will talk with on the phone. 

A Marketing and Communication service is already available, it aims to highlight the word of our suppliers, our producers or our customers, whether they are early growers or restaurant owner.