Mora Frères

The History of Mora Frères

From 1938 to today 


 MORA Frères, located on the M.I.N of Lille, now has 30 employees. It enjoys a solid reputation as seriously as for the quality of its products and the service provided to customers. The importance of the family know-how is paramount.

Strongly rooted in the Nord Pas de Calais region, it is one of the driving companies in the fruit and vegetable business in France, French products, Spanish, Italian and forerunner of overseas products (Exotic products).

The years have brought the company to the Major turning points, still controls.

Since its creation in 1938 by Jacques -Antoine MORA grandfather came the Balearic Islands, three generations have succeeded. The second in January 1968 the son , Guillaume, Antoine and Jacky Mora, took over the company under the name "MORA Frères".

Since 1972 the company is based on the new Lille market of national interest in Lomme.

With his desire to approach quality products full of history, MORA Frères takes control of the company La Pinède in Belfort-du-Quercy in 1995 and has a strong position, in the south-west of France , with this shipment resort known for its high- end French products ( Kiwi , Melon , Cherry, Plum ... ) at national and international level ( major export to Asia in French Kiwis).

In 2000, Antoine and Jacky MORA yield the company and the succession is assured today by Jacques-Antoine, the son of Guillaume MORA.

    They continue this momentum and take over in 2011, the Héliande company to specialize in the Adour kiwi (Kiwi Red label - Label Rouge). The work of cold rooms, done that year, representing one third of sales , are so important that they reflect on their own passion fruit that drives the company 's business. For MORA Frères, it is first to observe the best products we provide to our customers. Our investments and our patience perfectly reflect our love for work well done around fruits and vegetables.

   Today, in figures :
-    Mora group is 25,000 tons per year.

The company is very attentive to what happens upstream of its activity. She rigorously selects its partners. She held to a presence with producers before the beginning of season to better understand and define the cultivation techniques and exchange views on the varieties to produce. She is in constant contact with foreign professionals that supply.


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