Mora Frères

Terroir : The Quercy

La Pinède

It is located in the heart of Quercy, Belfort du Quercy, in the southwest of France.

This region has a micro climate under oceanic influence, equipped with a light and a meridional heat.

Particularly fertile soils favor the cultures of melonkiwiplum, and the famous Chasselas of Moissac, the only one to benefit from AOC

The company operates throughout the year on production sites. It defines the choice of varieties of melons and , with the help of seed companies , providing technical follow-up.

Reasoned treatment cultures meet specifications issued by professional organizations. 40 producers of kiwis, spread theLandes Charentes MaritimesHaute-Garonne and especially in the Tarn-et-Garonne , ensure supply.

So many favorable soils at this high fruit and kept without any treatment. 

Many controls and samples analyzes guarantee healthy fruit.

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